debug info and script output not match

Hi all, first of all im new in this forum and a beginner in Blender. Hopefully i steel no nerves. At the moment testing some things in BGE. I have some objects which two Gamepropertys in each case have. ‘available’ and ‘selected’ both boolean At this time for testing the objects was cubes with RAY-Sensors to check if any site of the cube are available. To switch ‘available’ to true ore false i use message and property. I can see in the debug info if any site are free available it change the property to true(standard = false). But now i need this two propertys in a script. The problem was if i get/use/test " obj[‘available’] " the return was false. Why it is possible at the same time? Debug info say true and if i check the property via print (obj[‘available’]) it was false. Do i need anything like “save propertychanges”? Because if i check the property manualy to true before starting the game the script becomes the property true. If anyone need the test.blend please ask me. Maybe the problem was the mix of logic bricks and script? I’m learning a lot about python but im still on the beginning so i have the mix of bricks and script. ^^ Thx for your time greez

Ok, im so stupid -.- the script was finished before the property was changed. Add trigger solved the problem. sry