Debug mode

The website FAQ suggests running Blender in the “debug” mode to fix a problem, but I’m not familiar with this and can’t find anything in the manual about it. How do you operate Blender in the “debug mode?”

If you go to the Anim panel In (F10) Scene context in the buttons window there is a field “rt:0” next to the PLAY button . I think if you change the 0 to another value you get into various debug modes … I don’t recall what the values do exactly … but you might do a search at BlenderNation … they had a post about this very subject where Ton himself explained it …

Yessir. I will try that.

I think that the “- d” switch activates debug mode when blender is launched from the command line (I’ll have to check) Errors are reported in the console window.

Also, from my old notes:
Hold ctrl, you can drag buttons around. Used to be ‘UI edit mode’. Still saves file “butsetup” in current directory with button coordinates.

  • rt==2
    Use alternative OpenGL calls for reveiling UI refreshes like button highlights or pulldown menu updates. Seems to work faster on certain older ATI cards.
  • rt==2, rt==3
    3d window, Transform Manipulator in rotate mode, shows alternative designs
  • rt==8
    LSCM unwrap on selecting seams in face mode (ALT+Select) or on CTRL+E “mark seam”
  • rt!=0
    Debug print for each multilayer image loaded when image type is Image Sequence

Command line arguments
and from the wiki