Debug properties in python?

How would I make a python script property into a debug propert?

What I’m talking about is:

player['propertyName'] = propertyValue

What do I need to add to make it a debug property?

You can’t use “debug” properties.

Instead you “print” it to the console


print("This will print this statement into the console")

or maybe:

print("The Property is equal to: ", propertyValue)

or if you are going for in-decipherable numbers scrolling down the console, just:


The print command can be used with other things, such as displaying the mass of an object:

obj = cont.owner
print("The player weighs: ",obj.mass)

Or any other thing, lists, dictionaries, numbers strings, text documents…
The print command is almost certainly the most useful in python.

Thanks a lot sdfgeoff!