Debug properties won't show + animation issues in 2.6

Hi guys, i’ve been experimenting on an alternative way to do combo animations with properties instead of states in the new 2.6 build, and have had some problems, so ofcourse I would be able to understand the issue a little better if I could see the debug properties which for some reason will not display in the view port even when turned on, this has actually been a problem since 2.5 for me and I would like to know what’s going on or whether Blender even supports the feature anymore (which is a terrible thing for the BGE if it doesn’t).

Also, in 2.4 and 2.5, to make an idle animation I would put it on “Always” and when the attack is played it would return to the idle animation when finished, in 2.6 it doesn’t, it just stands there in it’s punch pose. What happened?

I would activate the Debug Information at the Game Tab (upper left, where there are FILE, ADD, GAME and HELP). Also, for a Property to be displayed, make sure that the Debug Print is activated on whatever Property you want to be printed – it looks like a little Help Sign, right at the Property in the Logic Bricks View.

Concernin’ the Animations: In 2.5 I used true-level-triggered Actuators for playin’ Animations, but since 2.59.something it has been changed so that you would need a mere Always Actuator WITHOUT true-level-triggering. So, be sure to uncheck that.

@C.A Yes I know that the debug info is in the game tab, that being said, what you said about the properties worked (it is also the worst icon ever), thanks :slight_smile:

Also I failed to mention that I did not use true level triggering, so that is not the problem.