debug python in MS Visual Studio


is there anyone who managed to debug a python script using Visual Studio?

What I did:
-I compiled blender on Windows10, using Visual Studio 2013, according to the instructions
-built the bpy.pyd according to
-pointed python to the newly built bpy.pyd (by copying to to the lib\site-pakages of the python directory
-started a python command shell (or Visual Studio)
-code in python shell is:
-got the error:
Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get: no current thread


I would not even bother to try it. Reason is, MS used Iron Python, or some other variation of Python, so it is like trying to read gibberish. If you want to debug python, use something a bit more Python friendly. I think IDLE has a debug feature, and possibly Netbeans, which is my favorite platform for coding Python outside of Blender. When I am coding Python for Blender, I do not use a debugger, because it is just inconvenient to even bother, when I can just insert temporary variables in the code and print them out to tell me what is going on.