havn’t posted here in ages.

i downloaded the latest blender awhile back and was blown away by the new features. it’s incredible.

i might be back.


anyway. this is a character i’m working on.

blender + photoshop

Creepy. Well done. The chest/neck area looks unnatural, but so does the whole thing. :wink:
Great work!

great dark, noire style!! I like it very much!

Low! :o

dickie! Glad to see you back!

Excellent work. Always love your style and originality.


what are you using these days dickie?

drug wise?
just caffeine and cigs.

the little lady’s a child of blender and photoshop.
here’s a screen shot:

thanks for the great feedback.

woa, been so long!, been too long!

Excellent work as always, I remember your mushroom characters, they were awesome, and this one is great too! :smiley:

welcome back

This is cool, I like the strange style. Keep it up.

Whoa, it’s dickie! Always loved your work and this one looks great, too. Please do stay a while :slight_smile:

Sweet stuff, Dickie. I guess I have to look up some of your older stuff now:)