Decal influences color and transparency


I’ve been trying to put opaque decal onto one of the surfaces of a transparent color bottle. I used UV for this purpose. But when I’m rendering it the decal appears to change the color and transparency of the bottle:

What I do wrong?

P.S.: Sorry for possibly strange question. I’m new to Blender :o

***Blender 2.74
Ubuntu 14.04


Bottle.blend (1.61 MB)

No texture supplied with the blend file
The bottle has not been UV unwrapped

Basic UV unwrapped and texture applied. Texture has transparent background.
Note material and texture settings


Bottle.blend (2.55 MB)

Richard, thank you very much!

Sorry for confusing – I attached old file :o

The problem was I should have to switch on Stencil option (Texture --> Influence --> Stencil). Thou I don’t quite understand its meaning.