Decal Scatter: Procedural PBR Decal Distribution

Hi everyone, just completed developing Decal Scatter, the easy way to distribute full PBR decals onto a mesh.

From synchronized patterns to 20 layers of randomly placed leaves, this addon provides an easy way to do everything!

Addon is currently selling for the early bird price of $7.49 launch week only!
After this the price will increase.

More info:


Enjoy :slight_smile:


Q: Are other render engines supported or is it limited to Cycles/BI?

The implementation uses cycles material nodes. If you engine supports this, it should be compatible.

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Is this any different from Scattr?

Major differences:

  • Scattr only allows 9 images, with Decal Scatter you could have as many images attached to the BSDF shader as you like.
  • Scattr is painfully slow, this is because it was built using MixRGB nodes.
    Here is an image to illustrate:

This means that Decal Scatter is 6 ^ (number of nodes) faster than Scattr.
Also Decal Scatter adapts to the number of layers you want (if you want 6 layers it will only build 6 unlike Scattr which requires a constant amount)

  • Scattr has a weird dependency mess that makes it a pain to apply multiple times. With Decal Scatter it’s just
    1.Select shader
    2.Click add
    3.Mix with current material.

Other minor differences

  • Auto-scale for rotation (so edges don’t clip)
  • Up to 20 layers (with good performance even at 20, I could probably push to 50 before it slows down)
  • Removable with 1 click
  • Product support + continued development + bonus resource files.

Sounds like you have some significant advantages over scattr, nice work :slight_smile:

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Are you going to offer this on gumroad? I prefer that to Blender Market these days.

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Have just added to gumroad :slight_smile:
Will also add my other products there too!

Bought! [ten character filler]

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Can work sort of kaleidoscope with the right setup… :laughing:


Nice, reminds me of all the bug fixing I had to do where it would turn out like this normally :smiley:

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Hi everyone, I’ve just added an update so that you can use this addon with Blender 2.80.

You can download this for free from the product files, on whichever platform you purchased!

Enjoy :smiley: