From my experience using this addon I can say the following:
1 I do not use standard export, because it does not know how to fix dimensions in Unity.
2 The meshes is combined manually.
3 To get only 2 materials (Base + decal?) there are three options:
A. Discard info and panel decals
B. Use the shader created by Artem Zuev
C. Write your shader
4 Decalbakedown Bake decals using as the base of the UV base mesh. It works quite well, but has its subtleties.

Here’s what I did using Decalmachine:



‘In Unity PBR implementation, GI is applied to emission before deferred shading, which makes it impossible to draw a normal-only decal receiving GI light on altered normals’

I see it as a problem. Option 4 could be a solution.

The shader has been created long enough and it seems that this problem is no longer relevant. But in general, the use of decals is meaningful only for dynamic objects. In this case the result will be quite clean and stable.

Thanks. I would use it on static ones. I wait until the creator shares the actual situation.

Hey, what do you actually use for export? I have similar issues although I export into UE4. Blender’s FBX exporter is terrible because it exports in a way that it scales up the FBX world root to 10000% and then scales the FBX meshes down inside that world root to 1%. It creates all sorts of frustrating issues yet it hasn’t been fixed for ages :frowning:

I had no idea there is an alternative though.

I use a plugin called Asset Creation Toolset. By default, it is for Unity, but there is nothing to prevent it from being used for UE4. Here is the link:


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Hello Machine,

I tried to install Machinetools, no joy.

I installed the Decalmachine.
I cannot see the decals in Material mode.

In Cycles rendering makes some blackish artifacts (similar to terminator artifacts).

Any ideas? Thanks

Console (Win7 64/2.79b):

Here is your solution:

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Thanks, this is a different problem.

For the artifacts go to material tab properties and scroll down you’ll see "normal strength’ play with it to see if it helps.

Thanks; probably it is the lack of the terminator effect fix in Cycles somehow.

Oops, my bad. Perhaps this is the issue?

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Thanks, this could be an explanation, I will take a deeper look.

Hello guys,

is it possible to bake an object with normal decals as “hi poly” to a “low poly” workflow, similarly to the classic workflow? (Bake selected). Any tips? Thx.

The easiest way to combine maps in Substance Painter. It is even more convenient than bake all together because the result is more pure and easy to edit. and additional cards (Curvature, AO) can be used immediately to generate dirt and damage only for decals.

Watch this

Thanks. For me Export options like Decalbakedown do not apperar; btw it would be great to have audio on the videos with more explanation of the processes. It seems to be a very decent tool (congrats), but sometimes it is not easy to folow (also involving other 3ds party tools does not make using it easy).

PS: Have you got my email?

Thanks, I would like to avoid using Substance Painter at the moment (I do not like it because of its UX) and keeping it inside Blender. Also at the moment I have no idea how to put them together inside SP.