How do I adjust the parallax for a mesh trimsheet material?

Will I need to go into the shader editor?

You shouldn’t need to adjust it, if you do it properly when creating the sheet.
Other then that in the shader editor yes.

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Right, another question. I ¨saw this in a video linked in the docs (this one I believe: ) :

I dont get that “add decals” button in 2.4:

Am I doing something wrong or (it may be a panel decal in the screenshot but it doesnt work for normal decals (as in non-repeating decals with a normal map) either)?

Report whatever issue you have there please:

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Hmmm, Gumroad Library just gives me “not found”…

Works fine for me. See previous post by MACHIN3 for support.

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Thanks for your support, much appreciated!

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Hi kakachiex2,

Have you found a node configuration that allows a working glTF export ?

Now that Unity 2021 features deferred rendering, will decals work properly as they do in HDRP?

If you are talking about URP deferred rendering, then I guess so? I don’t use Unity right now, and don’t use URP either.

However nothing changes in regards to DECALmachine and how the exporting works.

v2.4.1 is out! | - Gumroad, Blendermarket, Documentation


  • TrimCut
    • adapt to 2.93.4 knife project breaking change
  • PIL Installation
    • raise PIL version to 8.3.1
      • on some macos versions 8.1.0 just wouldn’t install due to missing libjpeg dependency
    • install wheel before installing pillow
  • fix issues on some linux systems

I do not have the add-on but want to buy it, I have a question however: Does the add-on offer a way to transfer the wear and dirt effects of the target object shader to the parallax decals?

No. DECALmachine doesn’t support wear and dirt, with the exception of the alpha mask input, which can be used for info decals to do weathered stickers.

See and

Also note, and

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I searched through this thread but didn’t see it mentioned, but may have missed it- but I’m curious if you might add support for BIP to speed up thumbnail rendering? Supposedly it’s a drop-in replacement for
bpy.utils.preview. Currently that’s my only real gripe with DM is that I have a lot of decal libraries and when I first load Blender (before the thumbnails have a chance to cache) it takes a lot of time to display them. Kit Ops added support a few months ago and the difference is staggering, would love to see it in DM as well. Since the only external requirement is pillow, which you already use for baking- seems like a pretty easy win?

edit: sorry, you’re using PIL for baking, not pillow. As a quick test I modified my local version of DM 2.4.1 and added support for the BIP library and the difference truly is night and day! It’s only a few lines of code, if you’re interested I can send you a diff- just lemme know.

I just updated to 2.4 and now receive this message when I try to adjust the decal off the panel:

I also get the second image when I try to slice:

Any idea why this is doing this suddenly?

See Requirements and How to report Issues.

hello, i created my own decal, it was black, i changed with color mixer, but after ba king it, decal is back to black

and why it goes throw objcets ?

Because it’s the decal textures that are baked, not any decal material properties.

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Report it properly please: