A user displayed all signs of not being a customer and accused me of wasting his time.
I mention how to report issues everywhere, including the installation video which everyone should have watched. Not following the process by not using the dedicated tool I’ve built for reporting issues is unbelievably tiring. In many cases people don’t even know which Blender version they are using, which is essential to reproducing and fixing bugs. The Support tool gets all of this out of the way, is simple to use and provides me with all the information I need to start investigating.

I just fixed an issue for a customer, within one hour of reporting it, on a Sunday. No back and forth required. He followed the process, I had all the info, I fixed the issue and and gave him a solution before rolling out the bugfix release this week.

My customer support is stellar and most people are very happy with it.
If you have an issue, report it.

Consider how disrespectful it is to not buy my products and yet ask for product support and for my time. I’m faced with this almost daily.


Nothing can excuse your rude attitude even if person is not right, same thing can be expressed calm and polite.

abt the second part you are missing something - your addon isnt the only one. I have abt 30 installed, + I report issues on 3dcoat forum daily - all this bugfinding is like a second job, so instead of having special guys for bugtracking this work is done by customers. And I can appreciate that in every other addon here exept yours issues can be posted here or on discord.

I asked him very calmly to report it properly two times, with the first one being a response to him posting directly under me asking another user to do the same. So already, he should have done it properly, it was staring him directly in the face.
He chose to ignore it repeatedly and intentionally. How much longer am I supposed to do the pretty please dance. I don’t have time for this shit.

Bugfixing and support in general is not everything I need to do. I develop four addons in parallel, I need to be efficient. Oh I want to do art too, one of these days again.

I’m stting on both sides of this fence by the way. I report Blender bugs all the time, and I follow their process to the letter, instead of posting in some forum about the bugs and issues I come across. I respect their time and want the issues fixed ASAP.
They have even built a tool to report bugs right into Blender, that ensures the devs get all the necessary information, and that the issue is posted in the correct place. Sounds familiar?
Are you also complaining about this, and how you’d rather just post your issue to a blender discord or forum?

Every other addon is doing it wrong. I feel sorry for the pain they must endure.

Why would you want to post it here, or on discord? I get it, it’s easieer to just post a screen shot of an error and be done with it. But It’s a pain in the ass for me to deduct what is going on this way. This is especially true in the Blender space where people can use one of hundreds of different versions, and any of the 3 major operating systems.

None of these mediums are ideal for bug reporting. There isn’t even threading that allows me to easily keep issues separated.
I’d have to have a my own sub-forum, where each issue is its own thread. But guess what, there already is a perfect medium that everyone has easy access to, without even having to create a new account, and that’s perfect for threaded back and forth communication. It’s called email. And it also allows sharing of sensitive, private information, such as purchase proofs.

This way I ensure the people who pay for it, get the best, fastest and most efficient support. This is in your interest and in my interest.
Me being inefficient with support, is bad for everyone using my tools. The more time I spend on support or related nonsense, the less time I spend on building.

Feel free to google how to report bugs. You will learn I’m not being unreasonable here, I’m not asking too much of my users, and that product support can be extremely stressful.


I think it’s also important to understand this is a single dev unlike other larger software that have support forums they have payed workers who go through and document and tag posts so they can easily be sorted through, it’s not like you are not getting support. i have bought addons and the devs just ignore me when it’s completely broken and when they reply back it’s just dumb lazy shit.

Be happy that @MACHIN3 actually gives such good support i don’t even own this addon but he makes awesome tools and i like reading the change logs i should buy machin3tools some time this week it’s my favorite addon and the fact it’s free and supported is amazing.

thanks for all your hard work man appreciate it.


can i share it with my friend?

v2.5.1 is out! | - Gumroad, Blendermarket, Documentation

See what’s new.


  • fix Bake Preview in Blender 3.0
  • fix adding Decal to existing Atlas in Blender 3.0
  • fix issues relating to Blender 3.0’s change in keymap property representation
  • fix issues relating to Blender 3.0’s None type material previews
  • fix visual bug due to missing AO clamping in Decal Node Group
    • update supplied assets accordingly
    • update Templates so newly created Decals are fixed
    • add Fix AO Clamping debug tool, to update existing users assets

Great stuff! Thanks for the fixes


Hi I’m trying to recreate the parallax effect in unity HDRP as you demonstrated very briefly in the documentation. But the “White Height” texture has no effect, while the regurlar “Height” texture has some effect on the parallax but does not look correct, or similar to blender. Any more detail on the use of White Height?

It’s been a while and I don’t have Unity installed right now. I could be wrong but I don’t remember stacking my parallax nodes like this. It’s possible I was using the ParallaxOcclusionMappingPOM node, not ParallaxMapping. Can you try that?

This looks interesting, but I’ve used this method which is linked under the example decal in unity gif in the documentation. I figured out it’s because I didn’t link the paralax mapping outputs back into the heightmap uv input to stack them.
Thanks anyway, I will look into the parallax occlusion methond.

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In that case I may be wrong, any may have used the stacked Parallax Mapping nodes too. Sorry for the confusion, happy you have figured it out.

v2.6.0 is out! | - Gumroad, Blendermarket, Documentation

See what’s new .


  • support Blender 3.1
  • further harden asset registration by introducing concept of corrupted libraries
    • corrupted libraries are libraries containing non-decal folders
    • prevent registering and updating them
    • GetSupport tool
      • indicate if a library is corrupted
  • Project
    • fix issues when target object scaled up a lot due to surface distances being returned in the object’s local space
  • update PIL/pillow to 9.0.1

v2.6.1 is out! | - Gumroad, Blendermarket, Documentation

See what’s new .


  • fix atlas creation in Blender 3.1
  • fix decal-from-text creation in Blender 3.1

DECALmachine and my other addons are on sale right now on Blender Market.


v2.6.3 is out! | - Gumroad, Blendermarket, Documentation

See what’s new .


  • fix MacOS issue when registering Atlases caused by .DS_store files
  • fix rare issue with sluggishness of addon preferences caused by legacy library check
  • add thank you note to addon preferences
  • a few small tweaks and fixes

Question about Slice mode ALT : Topo Slice ( MacOS option key ) slice mode shift and control key can click the slice icon, why hold the option key can’t click slice icon?

Do you have this enabled: ?

Problem solved thank you

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The Dead Space Remake Developers use Decalmachine! Very Nice!