Decals in Yafray

I have noticed that if one applies any decals, they do not render in yafray, but UV mapped objects do. I have an object that has decals on it and I want to use yafray to render it (blender internals AO is no match for GI).

Is there anyway to have these decals appear when rendering in yafray (preferably not UV mapping, but if so, could someone tell me a way to bake the decals as a UV map)

Decals are usually placed mapped to an Empty. I don’t know if Yafray supports Empties or not but that may be the problem (or the format; use .tga’s and try again). I would export the UVMap with the ‘save uvmap layout’ script and paint the decals onto it with a paint proggy then remap it and try again.


I figured it out, yafray does not support PNG or GIF it does support JPG so I’ll use that