Decals on my GT,finally

(rixtr66) #1

still working on my gt.added some decals and scaled down the brake disks
i also adjusted the alpha on the windows,thanx for all the suggestions!

(cut and paste)
still working on the paint scheme and track layout,i should finish this week.

enjoy,and keep the suggestions coming they help immensly

rixtr 8)

(sten) #2

YAY !!

you make great cars…really realistic…cant wait to see the finish !!

(Cryogenetic) #3

WOW! :o

That’s one of (if not the) best blender made cars I’ve seen so far. Great Work. Very good materials (although this dark-purblish red is not one of my favourite colors, but maybe yours :wink: )

Really awesome.


Mind controlled by HAARP

(Nayman) #4

excellent stuff!


(bogbean) #5

That’s a great looking car. Really nice render.

But I don’t like that colour very much either. Everything else is excellent.

(pofo) #6

This is one great car! :o

I like the color :slight_smile:

I showed it to my brother who isn’t the least bit interested in blender or cg, but plenty interested in cars, and he even asked me for a print out of it.

  1. pofo

(Pooba) #7

Wow! That is the best blender made car I’ve seen! Can you write a tutorial for me?


(VelikM) #8

Most excellent!
I like the color.

(BgDM) #9

very nice car rixtr66!! I Like the colour too, (though I am colour blind, so coming from me that doesn’t mean much :wink: ).

Anyway, the decals came out very nice! Did you place with empties? The brakes look much better scaled down a bit.

Can you tell me how you get the holes in your brake discs? I need to know for my jag. Much appreciated!


(Tommy5) #10

loks great whit sponsor textures, now finish background and its a pice of art! super!

(fullback) #11

I’m speechless. That is one of the best cars I’ve ever seen.

Try finding a sunset sky and adding a little gold to the lighting scheme, it would probably make the vehicle color and the env maps a little more interesting. Just an opinion.

You should do a tut on the subsurfs. There aren’t many really detailed good ones out there. Help us beggars out. :smiley:

Great job

(rixtr66) #12

thanx,yes i used empties for the decals,you can use planes too.
i cut the holes in the brakes by using a bezier circle and placing
smaller bezier circles,then joining them,viola holes,this is usefull
because you can bevel the edges before converting them to mesh(it cuts down aliasing) this is just a test run for the mesh and decals,i have a really cool paint scheme in the works as we speak,the track is coming along too!i dont know about tutes,i dont think i could explain it well,besides most of my modeling is done with the mark one eyeball,except the general out lines wich i use blen…imagrandpaboys sky image,ill be using that shortly :smiley:

still a wip but i hope to finish soon.


rixtr 8)

(kaktuswasse) #13

cool work,as usual :wink:

(fullback) #14

I wish my Mark I eyeball was that good.

(BgDM) #15

rixtrr66, thanks for the explaination on the brake discs. Much appreciated!

As far as the Mark 1 Eyeball Method, that is exactly what I did on my Jaguar. Just move stuff until it looks right with your reference image. That’s about all you can do.

Can’t wait to see this thing really textured!! And if you want a race, you got one!! :wink:


(dickie) #16

rixtr this image is truely amazing.
you inspire me to say the least.
i would love to watch you work blender the way you do.


(valarking) #17

awesome, what a great render pulled out of blender!