These decanters were from a commercial project I did a while ago.
I just put them all into a single scene and re-lit them for the thumbnail.
I did the modelling, materials and lighting, but the designs were from the company.


That’s one clean looking render. Nice job.

Thanks! Getting the background to properly fade to white as a bit of a struggle!

Yeah I wonder how you achieved this so well, did you do it in post-processing ?
Also I am really curios about the wireframe (or topology) of the nearest one, it looks so fine.
Overall this is a very nice studio render I really like it.

The background is all lit with lights and emissive planes. The ground-plane extends through the background emissive plane, and is supplemented by a lamp pointing down.
The nearest decanter was made through Booleans, then manually retopologized, and add a bevel modifier to finish.

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