Decaying Cat

part mechanical, part cat, decay, this is what I got bored and made…

not quite the valentines gift card though…

note: anyone who is easily sickened by stupid pencil sketches of a decaying cat that is falling apart, don’t look

:stuck_out_tongue: whatch’ya think?

I’m not trying to be nasty or anything… I just felt like drawing an evil cat, I dunno why- I just got the urge

You’re sick, you need help… can I have your autograph? :smiley: I like it (the picture only). I don’t like cruelty. You have enough balls to pick up a pencil and experiment. :smiley: More, want to see more.

coolio iglesius

Eek! Don’t show the RSPCA :wink:

and not to me!

I have two cats.
two ADORABLE cats!


Cree_ glad my picture didn’t hurt anybody’s feelings :stuck_out_tongue: and sure! I just need a little time to draw it :slight_smile: more to come, more to come-

Modron_ I dunno what that means exactly, but thanks!

broken_ hmm, I don’t think the rspca would like it very much- you ever see the show “A.S.P.C.A” ? or its called the “Animal Precinct” they had one where a guy had some hundred thousand cats abandoned in his house! I mean jeezo, the thing was PACKED, it was purty messed up what some people can do…

basse_ as do we all :smiley: I have a cool looking cat, he has cowspots 8)

Heh this is cool DmBadcat. I reallly dig the style, very cool. Nice interpretation of a cat too, most frankenstien like.