December 21, 2012

I’m guessing almost everyone has heard about the end of the world coming up in 2012. If you haven’t, Google it. Basically on December 21, 2012, the Earth Comes in exact alignment with the sun and the center of the galaxy. Scientists say this may shift Earth’s poles, which would cause massive destruction on the planet (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods etc.) I just was curious about what other people think about the whole 12/21/12 thing. Personally, I think something major will happen on that date, though I’m not saying it will lead to the absolute extinction of the human race.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but ‘educated scientists’ have predicted the end of the world of 220+ times, and please correct me if I am wrong again: I am still here… So don’t get your hopes up.

I heard another date lol, but don’t we already get those anyways from pollution?

edit: o ya plus don’t forget blueprints for global enslavement lol

Crap, I thought it was on 11/11/2012 at 11:11 am? But then again, no one expects the Spanish i:inquisition !

First 01/01/00 then 6/6/6 then this past month, of 1975, and a few others.

December 21, 2012, is actually the date we as a human race will all finally realize that prophecies in general are all bullsh!t. (sorry i could not resist)

I saw a documentary on this subject recently. there is even some computer program predicting the end, the Mayan calender , and a few other doomsday sayers.

Yes, do you know how many times and how many people/civilizations have predicted the world to end on this exact date? The Mayan calendar ends on 12/21/12. The Web Bot program predicted the end of the world to be 2012. An ancient Chinese book called the I Ching shows the end of the world to be 2012 when the hexagrams are graphed. Nostradamus predicted it. Merlin Predicted it. A lady (I think her name was Madame Zoltar or something) predicted it also. There are many more predictions. There are too many for it to be a coincidence.

well i guess that means I’m going die when I’m 26 yrs old, o well life was good

I can’t begin to describe how stupid that is.

Regarding the fact that date has been predicted many times: There are so many doomsday dates out there I’m not surprised. Plus 12 and 21 are appealing numbers.

Madam Zaltar was from a disney movie, Holes I think. Lol, nice try. I think someone realized the calender ended that day so they programmed a bunch of shit to make it seem like it will end that day. Nothing will happen. Armageddon will come before then…

lol the lady from holes was Madame Zoroni

“Holes” is a good movie - I even read the book about the story afterwards.

yea, we saw the same show.

What they did not show was the hundreds of thousands of other end of the world predictions that expired. Remember the Y2k bullcrap in the year 1999? there was a bunch of rapture people hoping for the end in 2000, and lots of other prophecies.In 1899 they where saying it was the end, and in 1799, 1699 too.

people never have been able to predict the future, and they probably never will.
There are mathematical probability’s for virtually anything to happen in the future. Including one or more vague prophecies to sound like an event that happens.

The only reason I have a sore spot for prophets, is the trouble the world is in today because people tend to follow them blindly. More times than not the prophecies do not come true.As we speak there was probably 10 people in the world murdered because they believe in a profit, or because their murderer believes in a prophet.
It makes me sick to the stomach when I think of all the people murdered in the name of myth.

I by no means am saying the end is not going to happen at that exact time, there is a definite probability that it will happen. I am just saying that if we look at our past we will see most of the time the prophets are wrong.And people really should start thinking for themselves a bit more.

Plus one to you, good sir.

The only reason I have a sore spot for prophets, is the trouble the world is in today because people tend to follow them blindly. More times than not the prophecies do not come true

Maybe it’s just you’re reading the wrong prophecies from the wrong people in the wrong books.

I believe any prophecy written in a place other than the Bible is to be taken with a lot of salt. That includes those conspiracy internet articles on 2012.

I fixed it for you.

Incoming flame war…

You watched the movie before you read the book? Why, shame on you.

What you fail to understand Oracle is that the world did end in 1999 at the exact stated time. Fortunately the world as we know it somehow transcended into an alternative reality, and we are merely ghosts who fail to believe that the world has ended. Now after reading this, some of the members of this forum will sudden disappear after realising the clues they were missing, but the remaining members will in ignorance continue to exist and maybe even cause trouble.

You Sir, will no doubt continue to cause trouble.

Umm the library did not have the book . . . and I was allowed to watch the movie for free . . . so I though why not ? But for future reference I will read a book and watch the movie.

That’s what I believe, its simple, besides everyone’s voicing their opinions on 2012 and prophecy in general.

That said I would not want to cause a flamewar.