Decent animation tutorials needed (no videos!)

Okay, I’ve been trying to animate and rig a character model, and whenever I get a joint to move just right in one way, it winds up moving horribly wrong in every other way.

I’m going batty trying to figure this out, and I need some good-quality animation/rigging tutorials so that I know what I’m doing. Unfortunately, I have hearing problems, so video tutorials don’t help me because they just sound like nothing but mumbling.

So, can anyone point me to some good quality tutorials that aren’t in video format? Or, failing that, video tutorials that have good closed captions?

If you want I can put together some subtitles to go over my rigify tutorial? And if you want the rest of the character rigging series doing, I can get it done in a few days. Depends on if you want the rigify add on going through, or if you just want general armature help. Let me know how I can help :slight_smile:
Here’s the video I was relating to:

Aye, that would be fantastic. And yeah, I’m using rigify. Only have a vague clue about what I’m doing with it though, lol.

OK, lol after much hand cramp the first video should have complete subtitles there, enjoy. :slight_smile:

Well, that tutorial certainly explained a lot of things :smiley:

Let me know when you get the subtitles in for the mesh deform tutorial, because based on what you described, it sounds like it would solve the main problem I was having.

Ok I’ll try my best to get it up tomorrow morning :slight_smile: Just youtube’s subtitle system is horrible haha.

Ok I’ve subtitled part 2 there. :slight_smile:

Well, a few weeks of burnout later, I’ve finally gotten things working satisfactory. Sadly, mesh deformation didn’t do much to solve my problems, and with the Inverse Kinematics I encountered a new problems with the arms getting twisted, and that issue was made worse by the mesh deform.

But, through a combination of double-checking the original rigify armature and weight painting with the generated rig’s hidden armature, I’ve been able to resolve both the twisting and the shoulder scrunching problems.

Thanks for all the help, Enigma!