Decent animation tutorials needed (no videos!)

Reposting this here because I posted in the wrong thread before:

I’m going a little bit batty right now because of all the problems I’m having with rigging my model and getting it to move correctly while posing and animating it. So, I’m in desperate need of some good-quality tutorials because I don’t know what I’m doing.

However, I can’t really use video tutorials because my hearing sucks and most tutorials sound like non-stop mumbling to me. Closed captions help, but only if they’re manually created: the ones created through voice recognition just make things worse.

So, if anyone knows of any good-quality animation/rigging tutorials in text, or video tutorials with good closed captioning, please let me know.

Hi Zauberezonar!

Welcome here!

about animation, there are a lot of tutorial available on the internet and they don’t have to be done on blender since the principles are the same for all animation program!

Here are for me the must know:

Keith Lango (sadly he retired from writing his blog, but there are still a lot of good principle there)

Victor Navone

11 Second blog (in the stickies they have a lot of tutorial and most of them are written!)

For rigging, I mostly learned using video tutorial… but if you have any question, we will be happy to answer them!

Have fun animating!

Okay, I think I should have been more specific: my problems are with weight painting and (to a much lesser degree) the armature.

lol, I understand.

are you stuck at one specific step, or you don’t know how to start and what workflow to use?

I found that there wasn’t a lot of good tutorial about weight painting on blender in video, and I didn’t see any written.

for me, I start from the root. I paint everything at 1 for the root and make sure that everything else is at 0. Then, with the auto-Normalize on I start painting at 1 other bones. then I refine by painting some 0.5 weight… 0.2… 0.1 and so one. Then If I feel it needs a bit more smoothness, I had some other bones and I add some weight on those after.

If there are things you have more questions, or concept (like normalize which is one of the most important concept for weight painting) you don’t fully grasp, I will be happy to explain them to you.