Decent first Animation Draft?

I have tried to do a short animation for awhile that portrays something and has some acting.
So here it is,just download the blend and play blast it,
tell me how it is for a first official animation WIP.
It’s a draft,many things need to be refined or added.
But overall he gets knocked out the end.
Fluid will be utilized when I get it working for the cup,
since I’ve been having some issues with it.

Blend file link

Please tell me what you think.
I’m not expecting much from this but I’m curious if I’m going in the right direction for a draft.

Good start so far, IMHO you’re doing right with this attempt.
Keep up the good work

Thanks,I guess I don’t totally suck.
I’ll finish it off then I have a finished project :slight_smile:
Need to get the fluid working since it will be heavily utilized.