Decent Microphone for tutorials?

I don’t see a lot of comping tutorials out, plus some that involve some lighting tricks, render settings and such. I’ve gotten my hands dirty with both subjects for the past few months and I would like to attempt to do a couple tutorials.
What microphone should I purchase that’s rather cheap but gives decent quality?
I don’t have much money right now but I’m hoping to use my little bit of knowledge for something :slight_smile:

How cheap? I have these and the sound is pretty decent, both in and out:

USB though.

Cheap, about $30 or so.
I’ve got a good set of headphones, I’ll look for just a microphone to avoid purchasing duplicates.

Yeah I ended up getting a headset mic combo for just $18. It was cheaper than getting a seperate one.

Behringer make good cheap Shure clones - XM8500 - they are ~$30

the blue snowball microphone is really nice… for just under $100

My friend is going to let me borrow his microphone :slight_smile:
I"m working on a little demo scene for the first portion of the tutorial.
It’s a city scene that looks like it’s being misted with rain,
nothing special but it should suffice as a good example to show how useful composting nodes are.
It should get people from knowing nothing to knowing how to spruce stuff up.

I’ll then go into making an ocean scene more realistic looking by making splashes on some rocks using SPH particles, vector blur and some other tricks to make the water better looking.
Although all they will toy with is a premade scene that lacks the nodes or perhaps an EXR.

What determines the sound quality of a microphone and how can you check that?

I am also looking for a decent microphone for tutorial recording, headset or just the mic doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t cost a fortune :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a condenser microphone or capacitor microphone.

Also plug it into your soundcard’s “line in” socket (via preamp or mixer), don’t use the “mic in”.