decent polycount for hipoly car studio

So I am designing a studio scene, using Blender Cycles, that includes a high poly car resting on a displacement modifier stone ground. However, even though I am able to use the live render method, Blender goes bunkers when I do a full render (F12). I say bunkers, instead of crashing or freezing, because I can eventually get out of the render by hitting the esc key several times and then wait for a minute. However, if I do any mouse clicking in Blender, then Blender completely freezes, and at this point, there is no way of returning back except to end task Blender from the Windows task manager and reopen the program. When I look at my total poly count, the scene is about 1,000,000+ polys. I do not think it is my subdivision modifiers that are causing a large poly count, but it is more because I have to many edge loops, or is this average for a studio scene?

Cycles doesn’t care how many edge loops you have, all it gets from Blender is a triangle soup anyway, and a million polys is positively wimpy by today’s standards. I’m not sure what’s going wrong for you since you haven’t posted the file, but the first thing I’d check is that the render settings for the subdiv modifiers aren’t much higher than your viewport settings.

Hi Piotr, and thank you for the tip. You were right about the subdivision modifier. I actually had some of my parts of the vehicle subdivision render set to 6. I am actually starting a WIP in the WIP board if you do not mind taking a look. I am actually excited about it, because it is my first high poly model.