decent rims

okay, just a first step to the f1 comp next year, here are the rims…

the tires are not final, but I like the rims
the render looks the best in yafray.
the center thing is the brake rotor cooling block,

and C and or C?

(more on this project to come)

I like 'em. A few crits:

  1. I can see that most of the rim is smoothed, well, all of it has set smooth on, I assume, but the individual faces of the inside of the outer part of the rim are visible. Perhaps from cutting details in?

  2. An environment is really needed to flesh out the feel of the rims - the weird reflective surface is hard to make out when all it can reflect is other objects and a blueish sky. Perhaps you could plop a skytexture on there and give it a render? for us?

  3. I think the material needs a little work - it currently looks more like reflective clay than chrome. That might change with an environment though.

Keep it up. I like 'em!

thanks, the mat is just temporary, but I think I will stay with them as is.