Decent tutorial on complex Bump mapping??

Yes I have spent a (Long) while googling, but so far nothing that can really help me. All I can find is 'How to put suzanne on the side of a cube". And they all say make a “hi-poly model, and detail it, then bake it to your low poly”. Yah but what do I do in the middle. Do I actually have to model every l;ittle bump and crevase on my hi poly. And how does this translate to a UV map. How am I supposed to make creases and stuff where I want without moddelling them. I try reading through them but it just makes my brain hurt…ALOT!
So anything you know of that could help me?

try here. scroll down to “using and creating normal maps”

Took some time making this tutorial…
Hope it helps:
First Link:…_Tutorial.html
Click :Save file to your PC: click here
Second Link:…orial-doc.html
Click Download File Now after 30 sec


Alright thanks that’ll definitly help. But I was really thinking more along the lines of, exporting a UV, making a bump map in Photoshop (Or gimp), and then layering that onto your model.
Is it similar to this techinque? And if so how do you change it from a UV map to a Bump map?

Yes you can paint a bump map in PS or Gimp. Just keep this in Mind, 50% grey is no bump, 100% white is the highest bump and 100% Black is the lowest bump (or would that be dip?). To use your image as a bump map, load it as a texture in Blender and set the Map to to Nor.

Here is a random Tut I googled that uses Maya and Photo shop, but it will give you an Idea of what you need to do to make your own bump maps.

Yes you can use your image.
Just Load it and set Nor to 5.00 or more as Matt sayed, also remeber to leave the Col button pressed in Map To panel…
Hope my tut helped. :smiley:

Alright thanks guys. I think I’m starting to figure it out.