Decentraland joins Blender Development Fund

Decentraland is an open source and fully decentralized virtual world. Its vision is to hand over control to the people who create and play in this virtual space.

The DAO (“Decentralized Autonomous Organization”) behind Decentraland decided in a recent community town hall meeting to join the Blender Development Fund for a period of two years, as Patron Member.


I guess this doesn’t count as news since its not a controversial company haha. :sweat_smile: /s

This is fantastic though! Patron level. That is at least 120K a year and they commit to two years. Woohoo :partying_face:


It would super useful if there was a addon that lets you export your entire blender scene into decentraland scene. Their builder tool is too slow for building. The entire experience should be center around Blender, as its open source and free for all.

That is a great idea. I did a couple of scripts to export scenes, and items. But the script is a bit unfinished.

Maybe I should take a few days to complete it. Should be helpful.

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That would be awesome, anything to help would be useful! I’m interested in making 3D content for Decentraland but look at their tools its a bit of a turn off :frowning:

Also maybe Decentraland can pivot all the builder stuff into Blender as a addon, lending engineering time themselves.

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