Decepticons test1

Watch my first logo animation test - Decepticons logo

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Thanks… :slight_smile:

A few things I would recommend. it looks like you are using the explode modifier and reversing it, right? I would let it play a little longer, to let the pieces be more spread out at the beginning, because right now it looks weird that the symbol is already half made pretty much right when the animation begins. Also it seems like the framerate is a little slow, so it’s kinda jumpy. One last tip would be to have the camera move. It doesn’t have to be much, maybe just starting pretty much where the emblem is and slowly moving backward as the shards come together. But for a first logo animation it looks pretty good! Your textures are great, and the lighting could just be tweaked a little bit to better outline the emblem! Keep on rockin!

Thanks for the comment…
Ilike the idea of yours i think i really have to re furnish this one… :slight_smile:
A lot of thanks.