Deciding between Materialiq and Extreme PBR EVO

I want to buy one of these material libraries but can’t decide which one.

I already read all the info on their stores and the reviews and saw videos about them. What I like about Materialiq is that tile textures look very good when they are tiled across large surfaces, one of the biggest problems with tile textures, especially with bricks. I saw a video of PBR EVO with a tiled brick material and the tiling was very noticeable.

Also, Materialiq allows to change the texture resolution easily, so you can play with that to control memory usage on render time.

On the other side, PBR EVO has a lot of materials compared with Materialiq, more than 1100 vs 200. One of the main reasons to buy a material library is to avoid wasting time searching for materials on Internet or tweaking materials to get what you need, so more materials higher the chance to have what you need.

Which one do you recommend and why?