Deciding on a laptop

I’m a onetime blender hobbiest looking to get back into it. It’s time to buy a computer. I’ve been looking at gaming laptops, not necessarily for gaming but also video, music editing, graphic design, creating virtual reality in addition to 3d.

I’ve had my eye on Lenovo y740 and similar with 16 ram, rtx 2070max q and whatever cpu currently comes with that.

I’ve just recently seen articles about upcoming studio laptops like Lenovo p53. I have seen p52 go for a similar price range in the past when lower specked but suspect these new versions might be priced sky high and be overkill for where I’m at.

This computer does need to be a laptop and I’m keeping it around 2k give or take.

I’ll be using it for a lot of different things but want to make sure I’m not missing anything as far as 3d goes. Am I on the right track or should I be looking at desktop replacements instead of a gaming machine? So far the new rtx studio machines clock in at $3500, way over my price limit.

Early in my search gaming laptops were recommended to me. I’ve been reading a lot, and would like to pull the trigger but most reviews are about gaming of course, so I’m hesitating. Any input would be appreciated from people who actually use Blender.

If anyone has ideas/suggestions, thanks much in advance

I just bought a Lenovo Y740: RTX2070 max Q and 32GB RAM. Expect it delivered in about 2 weeks.
I’ll let you know.

I assume you bought one in the meantime? How was that?

I don’t know exactly what you are looking for but there’s this :
Simply the most powerful laptop to date :
But if that’s not what you want I would suggest to wait for the diffusion of Ryzen 4000 Mobile series, the technology leap is significant, especially for everything work related.