Deciding which looks better; with or without an umbrella. Other critiques are also welcome

Other version is in the link.


Defiantly With. I think drop the camera a little too, so you can see shoulder tops. The lady especially feels like she is straining to be in the shot.

Sure, thanks for the input. That’s the second time I’ve heard that input about the lady lol, will edit in the future.

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Heh, no worries… for some reason it reminds me of Jack Vettriano’s Singing Butler painting… your render kind of has a painty feel to it.

Thanks! That painterly feel is probably caused by the denoiser I had to use. I noticed that as a byproduct of using it the colors start blending and the entire render starts looking like it was rendered using paint strokes. I don’t mind it too much, but hopefully when I have enough time I’ll be able to render an image without it.

the one with the umbrella looks nice !!

Thanks! I appreciate it.

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Nice shot… However, there is one little detail that is bothering me a little… The umbrella feels floppy, and i think it is because of the curves it has on the bottom of the fabric… It feels like gravity is pulling them downwards, but on umbrellas that curve is supposed to be the other way because of how stretched the fabric is… Here’s a quick sketch.

Also, take a look at the shading… It feels like it’s made of rubber as it is right now. Maybe find some kind of fine fabric texture as a bump. The highlights on a umbrella kinda has a particular shine to it because of the material it is made of, and also the fabric texture.

Good work so far tho, i also agree with jimbobrjames about seeing the tops of the shoulders… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice! I’ll try making those edits when I get the chance.