Decimate modifier help


I know this is asking a lot from someone who knows next to nothing about Blender.

I was wondering if someonewould be kind enough to make a video tutorial or a written one explaining howto use the decimate modifier. I want to take an existing 3d model and be ableto reduce the texture count on it so I can use it in a virtual table top gameI’m playing with on Steam.
Is this already on the net somewhere? Linko posted a video showing how, in Dark Blender, to dothis, but I cannot follow it. Mainly due to it being done so fast and my totallack of knowledge.
More than willing to put the time in to learn, but I don’t knowwhere to start.
I’ll continue my search on self teaching, but I really could usesomeone’s help.

I don’t have a particular 3d model in mind for this but it’s more an issue of having enough time between steps to follow along and learn as I see it being done.

If there are video tutorials showing how to do this or even written documentation then please let me know. I haven’t really found something like this. I need something like “Blender for Dummies” type of hand holding.

Thank you to anyone that can do this or at least nudge me in the right direction.

There is very little to tell you. There are different decimate types and each have very few settings
To make the decimation permanent just press the Apply button

What specifically do you not understand ?

See documentation

Whether the decimate modifier is actually the best way to reduce the poly count depends on your model, what you plan to do with it and if you need a particular mesh topology

If you’ve imported your model in blender, first select it (right click), then go to the modifier panel on the right (small button with a blue wrench). Then go to add modifier -> Decimate
Depending on the model you’re gonna want to choose between Collapse, Un-Subdivide or Planar
Collapse will keep only a certain percentage of the polygons (control it with “ratio”)
Un-subdivide will divide the polygon count by four every iteration (one every four left)
Planar will reduce the amount of polygons when the surface is flat (where they aren’t needed)
Note, decimate modifier does have its problems, gives a bad topology alot of the time.
Good Luck

Richard and Nooke11…thank you. I’m wanting to take an existing 3d models of Marvel and DC comic book characters from various site (they’re all free btw) and reduce the polygon count.

There is a virtual tabletop program that allows the user to import 3D models (.obj only) but they can only take a smaller size file and most models I see online are 1 MB +

The game only allows 800kb size files so I have reduce the polygon count.

I will read up on the info you have both provided and try my best to follow along.

Thank you for your help, greatly appreciated!

I just checked out a marvel charcter model I found on the web, reducing the size to 800kb is almost impossible, the geometry itself is already pretty low (might not be the case for your models), what takes up alot of space are the textures. Depending on the distance you’re gonna see the model from in the game you can do without a normal map. Otherwise I would consider taking them into a 2d image manipulation software (gimp, photoshop, krita…) and reduce their size, also export them as .jpeg since it takes way less space.

Thanks Nooke11

I’ve used GIMP a little so this might be something I can try and do. I really appreciate you doing this.


If I put the textured map into GIMP…is it a matter of tinkering until I find the right “size”? As for viewing the image in my game I will be zooming in and zooming out.

Here is an image of my game table (if this helps)

this is about as close as I’d get/uploads/default/original/4X/6/f/6/6f6cb23a574a5e3ce9403aa249154cba9d17fa67.jpgstc=1


Yeah, it really is just a matter of scaling the textures down until it fits into the file limit. At this distance I don’t think you need a normal map. I assume you have a normal; diffuse; specular and maybe ao map, in this case the only you really need are a diffuse and specular map. Glad I can be of help.

I’ll have to understand what you just said ;p

I have to understand what is a diffuse map, specular map…diffuse, etc…but, I’ll learn.

Thanks again Nooke11