decimate modifier

i tried to apply the decimate modif to an object
but somethimes it does not accept to do it on certain objects

is thre any rectrictions and wha are theses to apply to an object ?


To my understanding it is only applied to meshes in the object mode.
With the ratio set to 1 there is no decimation, only quads have been triangulated
as decimation reduces triangular faces.

What exactly do you see that cannot be decimated?

of what’s happenng or not happening
if i select an object and apply the decimator sometimes for certain obejcts it does not work

so is there any restriction on the use of the decimator ?


I don’t know of any. I think as long as it is a mesh object it should work.
What is your ratio setting?

as i said on some objects it does not work that’s it

that’s what i was wondering why?

i’ll try to find a file where it’s not working?
and get back

i tried to find somes objects but cannot find them
now it’s working all the time?
i had to reboot this morning may be this change something and now it’s working ok!

if i find one i’ll be back

thanks anyway

Maybe y post this suggestion very late, but as I didn’t use the decimate modifier recently i didn’t notice ths until now.

I have problems to use de modifier too. I think it could be some changes in it on the later Blender version (2.46,2.47,2.48) cause i used it before with no problems.

I found wath was the problem, in my case:
I import some models (obj,3ds,lwo) wich was imported well, but the mesh is divided by the materials applied.

The problem its if you select ALL de parts of the model and try to apply the modifier, but if you select one of the parts, before join the mesh, you could use the decimate with no problems, except you need to do it part by part, and after that you can join the parts to a single mesh if decired or just parent them.

Maybe this could work for you.

I’ve had the same thing happen, the Decimate modifier returned an error about a “non-manifold mesh.” I guess that means that my mesh is composed of several non connected objects. Also, if you have any loose edges or vertices, the modifier won’t know what to do, and it will return an error too. By the way, I found this page where it seems to explain it in more length.