Decimator Starting Face limit?

Does anyone know the starting face limit for the decimator (I’m using 2.41 but could go lower if the limit has been reduced?

The mesh I want to apply this modifier to is 450000+ faces. I know that’s pretty large. I can break it down first and then apply the decimator but I don’t think the results would be consistant with the mesh afterwards. It would probably look like it’s been decimated in the area’s where the mesh is rejoined together.



the number of triangles in the mesh

[as in the number of faces plus the number of quads [a quad is two triangles]]

Decimator gives me the face count at the start of it’s op so I would say the number of faces. The number I get in there is 458000 faces. I wanted to know if there was an upper limit on that number as It freezes each time I try to decimate that mesh. I can break the mesh down into small chunks that the decimator can handle but I’m thinking that process will leave the mesh looking cut up (into those chunks) given everything else is equal.

I have tried turning the quads into triangles prior to the decimator op but that doesn’t change anything. I have selected off parts of the mesh to decimate and it works so it’s not the mesh iteself that’s causing the freeze. Granted then number is very high and it would take Blender perhaps a ton of time to perform this task. I could just be impatient.

Basically I don’t know if it’s freezing because of the size of the mesh or because the upper limit is breached. Hense the question. I have tried another script to decimate I found here when looking into this situation and it didn’t work (for this problem atleast - looks like a good script just the same).