Decision to be made

I have a major decision to make, should I continue with the tours that no one seems to care about especially my last 2.

here in case you don’t
<rant warning>
I have made nice migration vids for those who don’t know or scared of 2.5, and yet they are not scared they just want to cry that its not what they want. this is driving me bonkers and wondering why do i even bother with so many crying and i provide a solution for them and they still cry, like"But mommy i wanted the red one!!! i don’t want a blue one!!!". this community is certainly not what it used to be, now its jam packed with kids.

Now here is the point, everyone who knows me know i treat all the same and leave no one, but constantly being kicked in the guts is becoming more then i can handle.

Do you the blender community, still want me to keep doing what I do or just stop and let you all handle it on your own.

PS and yes i do realise this the second time this has come, so don’t point that out

I never knew you had any. Where are they?

If it isn’t enjoyable for you…

I’ll have to check it out. There is so only much storage space on the internet . . .

(I also left mine trailing like UE kind of deliberately)

A couple of thoughts:

Using a format like vimeo would probably get more views/feedback.

The more advanced topics, to me, were always the most interesting. The animation system/render branch/bmesh ones were excellent. It is nice to have someone really explaining the more bleeding edge stuff.

The site seems to be 404’ed. Does that mean you’ve made your decision?

well i did download most of the videos you did and kept theses
and sometimes i play theses again to remind me of some of the features for 2.5

this was my first intro to 2.5 and i’v learn a lot from theses and thanks you for doing such nice intro to 2.5

mind you you have some good competition now
like CG cookie for instance and some others too!

but i’m still missing some info for 2.5

i think what is missing for me
i would say would be the latest addition like for the raytrace render branch - new nurbs tools if you can get the devs dong it to do a video on this and also may be a further good intro on python scripting if you can like describing the structure of the API like when doing new panels how many types can you do ect… operators and sorry i mean intro for noobies not programmers- i know you don’t like noobies !

ok may be i’m asking too much here !

but i still have a lot of a questions on 2.5 and no answers !

Thanks again for your videos intro and happy 2.5

Sadly with the growing community this is one of the problems that will keep occurring, you usually see it in the gaming community from younger members and it’s something people have to put up with, now I’m not saying you should just put up with it and stop complaining, if you don’t like doing this any more then it’s fine to stop and move onto other things.

Personally I like the video tours you do, while I know my way around 2.5, I still managed to pick up some fairly good tips about the interface, some things which aren’t documented anywhere!

I hope that you do keep up the tours, hopefully the people who complain will move onto other things as from my personal experience there is no pleasing people like that, they either want exactly what they want, or just complain for their own personal enjoyment.

Well I’ve downloaded and looked at most of them.
Some werent so good cos you just did them off the cuff and stuff didnt work or make sense.
Some of them had play back problems or sounded like you had a few cans during or before hand?
Its up to you if you want to keep doing them.
They are not compulsory for you or the audience.
Saying you are being kicked in the guts is over dramatising the situation.
In fact I dont think I’ve heard any complaints at all.
Are you missing praise and adulation or something??
Your last one annoyed me a bit with the bitch about people not liking the bits of the UI - which I dont…
The rant in the first post is unnecessary as well.
I dont know where that comes from but as far as I can tell its your issue.

while using 2.49 i enjoyed watching your videos about 2.5 and so i didn’t have any trouble switching between them. i learned quite a lot from you, so big up from me!

about your last episodes (about migrating from 2.4x):
first of all i didn’t know they exist. i guess a news entry on blendernation would boost your views quite a lot.
second: i’m not that interested in this particular topic, since i’m quite familiar with 2.5 by now (thanks to all the other vidz), but i’m gonna watch them anyways.

thanks a lot for your effort!


but i’d have to agree with (jay) and say that using vimeo would help

also - one thing i think could be driving people away is the length of these videos. i’m not complaining here, but i think splitting these videos up into smaller topic based videos would be helpful.

lets say the only topic a viewer wants to hear about is the spacebar menu (which i’d bet is a common issue) - they’d download a 47 minute vid and watch 13 minutes of window management before getting to their specific topic.

even if you do record an hour’s worth of content in one sitting - maybe uploading it (to vimeo! :D) in topic specific chunks would be a good idea. it’d make it easy to refer to.

but either way, i’ve really learned lots from these tours and i’d definitely encourage you to do more

I learned a lot from your videos too. But I agree, they’re too long. But please don’t stop doing them.

I have to agree with most here and say that your tours have been nothing more than gift horse that I do not want to look in the mouth. You have dedicated a lot of your personal time and resources in these videos and I am extremely grateful to you and your family for the time you put into them, and the time it may take away from your family.

Jeepster hit the nail on the head though. if broken into smaller topic based vids then you will also be able to manage them easier I assume. Having these too, I can see helps out those who are currently dedicating their time as well to having the documentation made.

However, if you are tired and feel you need to stop, then no one here has the right to say otherwise. Thank you very much for your hard work!

P.s. I haven’t heard too many complaints that are as bad as you point out, though since this is your creation, I do understand that even a minor critique can come across as a knife in the back, especially over the net.

Have a wonderful day. and thank you

just do art
helping community comes second

Those videos are great, i watched them. And i actually learned a few things i didn’t know.
But for them not being watched, i think it has something to do with the fact that 2.5 is there for a while now, and many already migrated maybe?

I have downloaded and watched all of your videos (except for the last two - I have some bandwidth problems lately - but I will see them when i am able to)

I have found your videos of great help - they are probably the reason that I am using 2.5 instead of 2.49.

There have been some problems with the videos (sound out of sync etc) but all of those are minor compared to the wealth of information that they provide.

About rants and negative comments from various forum members… I really fail to understand their way of thinking - I’ll use this analogy - somebody gives them brand new car for a gift - and they ask to be paid driving lessons too ?!?

Anyway - it it feels good - make the tutorials. If it doesn’t… oh well :wink:

Your tours are very useful. I say no.

I also enjoy your vids though I haven’t watched em all.
If you’re still motivated to make vids, the community will be grateful.

The vids aren’t really made for most of this community and a lot of newbies are waiting for 2.5 to stabilize so the tuts will be most appreciated then I think.

The parts that I’ve enjoyed are when you’re describing/demoing new features. You’re quite close to the cutting edge dev going on, so I like that you’re a source of info on some of these things. (Your overview of the render branch was great.)

I agree with others, too, tho in that you should do a flash-based host, rather than a codec-based download. Do some editing on your clips to trim out the “fat”. There’s a lot of "um"s and "ah"s that are, you know, okay and all, but could be snipped out - saving viewer’s resources and keeping interest. To the point and on topic - even if it gets choppy.

And, you know, you can’t take any of these crits as personal - yes, you put hard work in and 'xpect respect, but “grain of salt” and all that, wot?

Like others have said, keep ‘em comin’, but only if you want to… I like 'em and could like 'em more with some tweaks!