Decision to be made

Michael, I’d say a few things.

First, it’s great to have videos showing off new features and capabilities of Blender. It useful to the community, and helps developers show off new elements.

However, if you aren’t particularly enjoying making these, I don’t think you should. There are other people making videos too.

Lastly, there is also some things you might want to work with in your videos. They are long, unorganized, unprepared, with examples nearly always conducted on cubes and planes and suzannes. The lack of a visual element makes the long videos harder to get through. If you make them short, concise, to the point, find interesting examples and prepare well, I’m sure you could garner more attention and interest.



This is a very important point indeed.

I’ve watched most of your videos. The ones I don’t have interest in I don’t watch. The migration ones, for example, I haven’t watched and won’t. I’m comfortable with 2.5. But I BET the videos are great and will be useful to many people. Even the ones who don’t need to watch the videos may learn some trick they’ve skipped.

Your videos are always good. When an user asks a question we can point to one of your videos. I guess you could have a break. I don’t think there’s much to cover now. My opinion. After GSOC projects merges most of us will seek reference material.

Thank you all for your almost over whelming support,here via email and IRC (and a couple i’ll just ignore), And i truly thank you all for it.

Now just to clarify things, i didn’t ask for big respect that dosn’t bother me what does bother me, is alot of the unjust sledging the new blender gets (this thread is what tipped me over the edge) . Now im not fanboy i can easily admit blender is not good in many aspects, but sledging some thing has been planned for over a year before a single line of code was made (i was on the original 2.5 taskforce) based on genuine studies in UI design and our own personal professional experiences and been in development for ~2 years would drive anyone to wonder if its worth it.

I know my tours are long but editing them and uploading them to vimeo takes alot of time, which i don’t have, i do them at ~9-10 oclock at night and have to work the next day, i will try to make them more structured and plan them a bit better.

Now I will continue making these videos, i’ll stick to development and not tuts as such unless requested like when i originally started this blog (after a brief break).

Once again thank you all for your support and i will not forget it :slight_smile:

now for some quotes
@grafixsuz, thank you for your concern but i don’t have a family, I’m a loner by nature :slight_smile:

@Eris , heh that would be nice, however since i have been using blender for so long it is some something i feel i must do to give back to those have made this tool which has given me the life i have and a nice job as an animator, besides you havn’t seen what im like on IRC :eyebrowlift:

@Big Fan I have never listened to you before, im certainly not going to listen now or Endi for that matter :eyebrowlift2:

well bugger you too pal.
you could lose your odd attitude…unjust sledging indeed…where do you get this stuff?..and why do you take it so personally? get over it man, not everyone is going to agree with you all the time…