Decisions About Nothing

A man walks into an alley on a full moon night. He is not a bum, yet…he is not part of regular society. What brought him into the alley this evening is beyond anyones knowledge. What is that red light coming from behind the dumpster? Now is the moment of truth for our friend. Does he have it in him to see what it is. Or is he just going to turn and leave this strange alley. What is that light? It is so faint yet so very real. Dangerous must be what the man is thinking. But it so easily could be nothing.

Nice texturing, i think that the lighting should be darker to really set the mood, plus it would show better the red light that you describe in your story

very nice =) really captured a nice mood.

Oh - this is great!
I love the work you did on texturing.


Wow, thanks.

Rogenator - I have to agree on the light. This is actually a composite of three renders and about 5 layers of filtering and colorization. My original renders had that certain darkness that amplified the red light. But it was a little lost in the process :{ But…I am happy with the result.

LohnC - Thanks man!

Caleb72 - Hey thanks for the kind words :]

Wasn’t sure of the reaction I was going to get on this but I am pleasantly surprised.