Deck 7 corridor

Hello everyone! I’m currently working on this interior spaceship corridor and I’m somehow struggling with the lighting.
Maybe someone has some tips&tricks to share how to achieve a more realistic lighting in the scene.
Rendered in Cycles with Filmic Color Management. Don’t wonder about the Artstation frame because it’s already published as an WIP-Project on my portfolio page. Any help and critic is highly appreciated. Cheers!

Great job looks awesome

I like where it is going, it reminds me of a Mass Effect style. Maybe could use less lighting?

Hey guys thanks for your replies and that link. Added some more details to the scene and camera blur. Also created a floor material wich unfortunately didn’t made it into the scene yet.

Hi guys, thanks for your replies and that link. Unfortunately I’ve never played Mass Effect Andromeda.
The last days I created some more details and a floor material. Hope you like it.

Thank you guys for your replies. Added some more Details to the scene and some lighting tweaks.
Will also try some less lighting like in that Mass Effect link.

I would like to know where this corridor leads, which people are using it, what other stuff could be there and so on. A little bit of story telling would be nice. I like how you improved the textures between the first and second version. keep it up.

Remove floor lights, they are a bit much. Sometimes less is more. and the wall/side strips are probably enough complementary lighting to the ceiling lights.

This looks neat. Thats a great model for corridor.

Though I don’t really like the visual effect going on, particularly the blur, but I suppose that is totally subjective.

Thanks a bunch guys! Will definitely try it without floor lights. And yes, some story telling will be added in the future.
I already have some ideas.

Just a little update. I really think it’s heading in the right direction now. Will use the next days to create some more detail textures and modeling some more stuff.


Hi guys, haven’t had much time the last week, but I’m still working on this in my spare time.
Started to model some more stuff for some laboratory (story telling) stuff like this breeding pot, wich is not yet finished :frowning: