Deck of cards

What would be the best way to implement playing cards (hand & deck) in BGE?

Model each card individually is one method, but is there another way. Maybe create one card and use the array modifier to make 52 cards. Then apply he suit images individually. Or is there a way to control which images are drawn to a few card meshes (the hand) in game, by script. I wondered if the sequence button (textures > image tab) would work (but I think that’s for animation). Or is there another way.

texture’ing each card wouldn’t take too long, then you could post to resources for all.

I’ve made a small blackjack demo for a user in this thread:

A single texture is used to represent the entire deck of cards, and new cards are simply assigned a new set of texture coordinates, depending on the specific card required.

Thanks Social, I’ll have a good look at the code. Glad I don’t have to create all the cards manually.