Deck Scene

Going to be trying for photo realism. :wink:

Well, seeing as how nobody seems that interested in a Glock 17, ill change this to another one of my current projects.

Looking good! Are you going to model all the wood for the floor, I think a texture with a normal map would be better for rendering times. But it still looks good! Keep it up!


Im a newbie, so I dont know anything about maps (Well, I know what they are, but not how to use them)

Try this:

Have a image of some wood, like on a deck, textured onto the deck. Then, add another texture slot and put the normal map onto it. Getting the normal map image is the hard part. Ask around the texturing support forum for that. You can try the free program MapZone and that might do it too. Doing all this should add a lot of realism while conserving computing power. Very usful in images. Good luck!

this is a really fine start :smiley: so far so good :slight_smile:
See how i shook this post up? Using two different smilies created a since of ‘Hey. This guy cares. He really chooses his smilies well.’

Unless that “door-like thing” is going to evolve into something, right now it seems to be imposing an oddly skewed sense of scale … if our brain decides that the “door” is the right size, the deck looks like a toy. Then, if it decides that the “deck” must be right, the door looks like a garage door.

If you are modeling the deck, it doesn’t yet need to be “attached to” anything at all.

Wow, looks really good so far.


(Im going to do both a night and a day scene, so I added lamps)

Hey, godzilla, after rendering, try closing the render window and pressing F3 in Blender. You can save the render without the window frame that way. Unless you want it there for your own style thing…it kind of looks cool that way…

As far as the deck, it’s developing very nicely. You might want to elongate the posts on the first part of deck and also the walls of the house. After adding the second part, they don’t go low enough.

Yes, I know I can do it that way, but for me its easier just to do Alt+PrtScrn…

And yes, I know, but I am going to add grass under the deck and all around the house eventually, and I dont want to elongate them until after that…

Going to start work on the roof now… anyone want to suggest a certain type of roof?



Actually, that would look pretty good. Shingles might be more common, it might depend on where you are, but who wants normal? Nobody is normal. Normal is just plain wierd…lol.

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Just tried it, but it would be WAAAYY too high poly…

ill try shingles.

I think shingles would be a lot better, unless you would be in the desert or something where that would fit in. Looking good though!

The shingles I am making are turning out ok… much better than I had hoped for.

Ill post pics tomorrow, getting off now though, school tomorrow =(

finishing up the roof, and I found type of house siding I like, but I have no idea what its called.

I believe its called adobe but it is actually just cement…

I thought that was stucco… hm… Just plaster or whatever. It could be either really.