Decleration of WAR!

S0 1ntrr,

Y0u th0ught y0u w3r3 th3 cub3 dud3, w3ll, 1 c4ll W4R. 1 0wn y0u 0n cub3s,1 4m th3 CUB3 M4ST3R!



0h y34h, 1 3d1t3d 1t m0r3:


Nice cube, but Intrr’s has better composition and colours IMO. Keep it up though!


1 d0nt c4re 1f y0u 4re th3 cub3 m4st3r.$h33$h.

hey but your lighting is not interesting at all.

it’s very typical.


This is getting little boring you know…

I actually like the image though, great work! :smiley:

eh. not yellow or interesting lighting.

yep, intrr’s was way better.

intrrs was actually funny at the time too…

this poor joke has had the hell beaten out of it.

friendly neighborhood forum police

You are by no means the “cube master.” The original cube had style, elogance and a unmatched sense of sophistication. By comparison your cube is very dull, the textures are uninspired and the lighting is so bad it makes me want to vomit. It is obvious that you have not come to grips with the wonder of yellow cubidness, which is a terrible shame. To understand the virtuosity of the Yellow cube with interesting lighting is to understand the meaning of life itself. If I were you I would be utterly ashamed of myself. Pardon me whilst I cry myself to sleep.

yea some jokes never get old, but he made it goe old :(.

|{-r!ch, &7 @ |{1o0… teh 07h|2 1 '//a$ [email protected]% |3et7r.

I don’t even think mine is that awesome…

|{-r!ch, &7 @ |{1o0… teh 07h|2 1 '//a$ [email protected]% |3et7r.

what the heck does that say!!!?!?

“|{-r!ch, &7 @ |{1o0… teh 07h|2 1 '//a$ [email protected]% |3et7r.”
“k-rich, gt a kloo…teh othr 1 was way bettr.”
“k-rich, get a clue, the other one was way better.”

no offense to you, though, k-rich.



lol obiwan i meant the yellow cube… i dont like mine (but i can’t find what’s wrong with it! maybe i’ll post it in WIP)

Oh, I was talking about your sentance, not the picture. I had no idea what it said until you wrote it out again. 8)


h4h4 l0l k3wl 1 d1dnt n0t1ce th4t:P.

Wow i cant believe i can read what Grimreaper wrote. I actually like K-rich’s cube better.