decompose a picture with an array

Hi list,

Inspired by this video I wonder how to distribute one picture on all of those cubes. If they are all lines up the picture is normal. If they explode the picture gets deconstructed like with scissors and paper. the picture fragment on each cube stays the same all the time.

I tried 2 approaches:

  1. I could make an animation and apply the arrays to make real cube meshes, then apply the texture. This doesn´t work because once I apply the array modifier, the animation driven by offset empties is gone. If there would be a way to create single IPOs to each cube this would solve the problem

  2. find a way to apply a UV texture to the array. I tried with the UVProject Modifier, this gets closer but doesn´t slice the picture (see the UVProject scene in the demo blend)

I attached a blend with an array and 2 empties to modify the array. There are 2 scenes in it



I think you have to create each on its own, but then you can use the transform constraints and the childof constraints to make an array effect as you wish. I put together a solution quickly in

Hope it can give you some inspiration! Move and rotate “Eldest” and see what is happening.

Also look at Atom’s thread here, he is mapping images across different cubes with different position and rotation:

Discovery Channel Cubic Transition Effect


Thanks for the responses, I´ll check your hints and see if if gets me there