Hi, is anyone interested in creating a game like Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.

I’ve started to work on my draft project:

Looks like you have meshes not set to no collision on armatures or something

physics is high

You probably don’t know MakeHuman that is an open-source software to make characters for Blender and other 3d softwares.
Makehuman can export .mhx that blender can import.
It create automaticaly a body mesh, some clothes, an armature, some textures, …

Um, I could help you at one thing: remaking walk loop animation. The thing that needs to be corrected is that currently hans are so wide, that he looks like he would be fat. But the mesh of him isn’t fat…

Thank you @adriansnetlis!
What do you need for remaking the animation? We can do a new character or keep the one which is there.

You can ceep current one, just the animation’s frames should be modified(the armature). Just, if you’re interested, better e-mail me for easier contact: [email protected] !:wink:

Thank you! Your contribution will help the project very much!

I’m developing the traffic system which will be ready in 2-3 weeks.

The character looks really hi-poly. The arms seem to intersect with the coat, that should be fixed. Other than that, it looks kinda cool. Seems like GTA!