Hello everyone! This is my latest personal project! I’ve try my best, so hope everyone like it!
Software: Blender 2.79
Render Time: 20 minutos
Samples: 1500 + Denoising


The details are really clean and beautiful. Good renders and render times.

However I think the lighting is too intense. I would find those rooms uncomfortable to be in.
Just my opinion.

Thank you for your comment. About Lighting, I’ve tried something similar to the reference… Maybe a very sunny day with the window open

Yeah that’s pretty much dead on. Nice job.

NOthing to complain. Great shots. :slight_smile:

How did you do the bread? It looks perfect.

I’m very interested in the bread too!

How did you get the walls to be so white? Is it a complex material, or post processing (like white balance)?