Decorative desk lamp thingy - Updated

Rendered using Yafray. I’ve been working on this little by little over the past several weeks and I think I’m finally to a point where I can post something. I don’t know what happened to the back wall in the first one. Before I rendered I checked the normals of the back wall and it appeared to be facing in the wrong direction so I flipped it. That’s the only thing I can think of why it looks that way. (Man… the lighting is tricky!!)

Here’s one with colored lamps off - slightly overexposed.

wow. that’s beautiful. i can see how the lighting would be extrmely hard.

one crit is that i think it would look better if the very bottom of the base in the middle had more rouned edges. other then that it looks great.

Sorry, internet problems.

More internet problems. The message posted multiple times.

I too noticed the blocky edges on the base after the render. I wanted it to be smooth and have a sharp crease at the top. I’ll have to tweak that some more.

More crits welcome.

really great and beautifull :slight_smile:

This glass object is really superb, beautiful.

I don’t like the pedestal it’s on, something plainer to me would look a lot nicer.

Thank you.

I actually have this object and wanted to duplicate it as close as possible. The geometry of the base is pretty much the way it actually is, the only difference is that the real one is plastic and I wanted to give this one a marble-like look.

Thanks for the comments.