Decrease the framerate in real time

I want to know if there is a way to decrease the framerate of an specific scene, I want to the menu to work at 10 FPS, there is a easy way to make this?

Yeah, you can use a simple Python script. This is pretty much it:

from bge import logic


EDIT: I didn’t test it out, but that should work.

Ok thanks a lot Solarlune, i ll try it out.
I just tried here and it works, but it also decrease the animation s speed i dont know why.

That’s because the whole game is running slower - i.e. if the animations last a second at 60 FPS, they’ll last for 6 seconds at 10 FPS.

uhmm, thanks solarlune, But what I ment was that the game should run at 10 fps, I wanted those cuts on the animation. Aniway thanks for your help.