Decreasing file size when erasing?

i recently built a game that took up about 80mb. when later trying to take only a single level from the game i erased all of the other scenes, but i noticed that the “.blend” and the runtime files both stayed around 80mb instead of shrinking like i expected.

does anyone here have any idea as to why?
how can i cause the file to shrink accordingly…

thanks in advance,

The textures are probably packed.

how do i deal with that?

(i didn’t use any special textures - there are only a few basic colors for materials (mostly there for logic blocks and not for graphics… i am working on games for the blind so visual graphics don’t get a lot of effort… :slight_smile: )

any other ideas?

If it is not textures, than there are most likely some IPO curves/F-Curves-Actions. If you have a lot of keys (espacially baked ones) it eats a lot of memory. I think the default is “F” to force save.

You should try to get rid of unused curves/actions
You can try to reduce the amount of keys on baked curves.

nope, i have no curves and no IPO’s either…

all i have in the file are 15 scenes (there used to be 45 of them, similar to these 15), each with a single simple mesh and a mouse controlled cursor object, 6 sound files (totallins 4mbs in all), and python scripts for running the sound files depending on the mouse movement.
(i would upload it, but as i said it won’t lose size and is currently 80mb so can’t… :frowning: )

my main problem is that erasing things does not reduce the size of the file - it just stays the same (or even grows…). how do i get it to refresh and shrink?

thanks in advance,

any other ideas?

Go to the out-liner and shoos ‘Datablocks’ and look if You find something that should not be there. If it have ‘fake user’ checked uncheck it and it should disaper next time You save if it have no users.

But make a backup first!

Else I have no ideas…