Decrepit Train

I’ll submit something for the deadline but I’ll keep on working on the side, thanks.

@darkmag07 I moved away from replicating the scene, it was mainly my inspiration, I didn’t want to rip it off. About your Indigo question, I’m still using the trial version of Indigo because it’s something I won’t be able to afford for quite a while. As for Indigo itself it’s very difficult to animate in Indigo due to long render times and it doesn’t possess any of the awesome powers of nodes that Blender has, that aside it still creates some of the best still images and is fairly easy to pick up. Give it a try.

Texturing is slightly annoying me because I’m not all too familiar with blending materials with Indigo so I might just have to model a lot of details that would normally be textured, this is probably for the best though.

Anyway, as for the inside of the train, I need some serious critique on composition, texturing, lighting and modeling. Please don’t be shy, if no one comments then I’ll just keep on plowing through this myself.

I’m going to keep on adding detail to the inside of the train until I’m satisfied (quickly nearing that point) but again I’ll say, I seriously need some critique because otherwise I’m going to keep the interior mostly like what’s in the render below.

The first three images are a few material tests I’ve done of the metal bars, train headlights, and benches.

This is the latest render in three version, warm, cold, and original. Also planned is depth of field. I think I hit the attachment limit or something, switching over to imgur, I apologize for large resolution images.


This is interesting and coming along quite nicely. As we can see, lighting really adds that dash of realism that all CG works desperately need most of the time. One thing i learnt with indigo was that just like in real world, the light through your windows will be affected by objects outside them. These objects may or may not be in the view but affect the way light would enter the scene after either bouncing off from or being occluded by them. While exit portals do help in speeding things up, i would recommend including the objects outside the train for better lighting.

Looking pretty good! I like the second color grade the most, although I’ve always been partial to the dark blue feel myself. Renders are looking pretty noisy how long have you been letting them render or how many SPP did you achieve? It would be nice to see a cleaner render maybe you could let it render over night. Look forward to seeing the character design!

@anuraag_01 It’ll be very hard to find time to do these sorts of renders without considerable noise but I’ll try. Thanks for your input.

@ColeHarris The renders in my last post were only 10 hours and I forgot the SPP (you meant samples per pixel correct?) but they’ve been rendering since with some noticeable differences. Although I might have to stop rendering it so that I can mess around with depth of field and implement changes I’ve done in the interior. As for characters I’m hesitant to include them, while the Spirited Away screenshots provided the initial inspiration I’m moving the project in a different direction. I was thinking of contrasting a normal subway journey (drab) to that of Chihiro’s (exciting and powerful). After I work on a few exteriors I’d love to include some other scenes, in particular I’m fascinated with the house on the island (see first post). I would love to replicate that shot with modern day architecture. Hopefully this made some sense, I typed all this out way too fast.

I’m working on the front of the train at the moment and props for the exterior render (powerlines). Also attached are two compositions that I’d like some comments on, i.e. which one works best. Thanks for watching.

Thats 10 hours of render! guess I’m a little spoiled using a 12 core machine. Yeah I think the key is to make it your own, Hayao Miyazaki’s style is very unique and recognizable and if you can emulate that and add your own flare than that would be pretty awesome! Maybe you could make up some of your own characters based on that same style? Look forward to seeing where you take this project!

So I forgot to write down the SPP but I know it was well over 20000 and the render was I think around 18 hours. As I updated the image the last couple of hours I actually noticed that no noise was disappearing and more artifacts were popping in, so I guess this is the finest render I’ll get. I’ll render the background tonight so that I can composite the exterior into the windows. I’m still looking for feedback on how to improve this piece. One image has some scratches and dirt applied to the lens because I think the effect is a nice touch.

(Look for the easter egg!)

I’m getting somewhat concerned, my scene is quickly approaching one million vertices and I’m still adding a lot of detail to the environment. Hopefully blender can handle it. Here’s a few screens of the exterior project.

I’m going to need a lot of rest this weekend. :spin:

Thanks again guys, this project means a lot to me.

Yay I found the easter egg! I think this is really cool, but I dunno, I think it still seems like a clay render or something…Maybe put in a fill light coming in the left hand side windows with a pretty low energy just to lighten it up a touch? Cos at the moment it’s like the left side it right against a wall or something.
But it’s really cool! I’m lovin’ it!
Keep it up :slight_smile:

holy $#(& man this brought back some amazing memories from back in the day when i used to watch that movie, your render is jaw dropping me right now. this is making me want to get indigo, how long have you been using blender exactly?

are you going to render the outside? if not you probably shouldnt be making it. its just going to slow down render times. a LOT. you can also change how many polies your poles are. if they have more than polies, its overkill(not counting the caps).


Yeah, thanks for pointing that out, it might have to be done in photoshop or I’ll have to render the scene without an exit portal because I can’t add extra light with an exit portal casting through the right windows. About the clay render comment, do you feel the image is bland and needs more colour? I just want to make sure that there is a heavy atmosphere but I’m not making the image boring in the process.

@the wat man

I love rewatching Miyazaki movies, always enjoyable. I’ve been using Blender for the last 3 years to self-teach myself 3D programs. It’s not my job at the moment, just a hobby.

@ Quazamon

Is there a way to redefine the number of vertices in a cylinder after it has been placed? This would be a very helpful feature if it exists because you’re right, it’s the poles that are eating up polygons. As for the outside I want to render the outside of the train and the station, more on that to come.

I apologize if I’m bad at meeting my own deadlines, I have a bit of new stuff in the ways of modeling. I can’t render the outside scene until I finish texturing the station (something I’ve masterfully delayed).

Some of these screenshots are being cut off, open them in a new window to see the full image.

I would like a few more opinions on the render on how it can be improved, other than that, cheers.

Yeah I think it just needs more colour, I mean it’s not bland at all other than that, it’s a beautiful render, I just think a bit more colour would make the image ‘pop’ :slight_smile:

Something else I just noticed is that you have used tiles for the floor, that seems a bit weird in a train to me… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m definitely following this one! Keep it up, it’s looking great!

If you open the object tools menu with “t” you can alter the properties of the cylinder when it is initially created. It allows you to change the number of sides, vertical divisions, radius size, and whether or not you want to cap the ends. Although this option disappears when you alter the cylinder in any way via moving, scaling, rotating, etc.

As for the scene, it is looking good. I’m not sure if there is another way to limit the scale other than separating the train from the environment and rendering them separately.

Like jake6644 mentioned, a little more color variation among the objects in the inside of the train would be nice. It might also be worthwhile to add a few benches, trash cans, or vending machines to the station platform if you are looking to add more detail to it. There is also no plausible exit from the platform so you might want to add a door to one of the walls along the side. Along those lines, you could even add a reception desk.

@ jake6644

Yeah the tiles look a little odd on a train although a few of the ref images I collected included them. I think the texture I’m using is making them look like ceramic tiles. Also, more colour it is, thanks.


Cheers, it’s a little hard though, I’m on vacation!


Thanks for the tutorial, but alas I’m using Blender 2.49 because I didn’t want a headache installing the new Indigo scripts. I just remade the cylinders with less vertices. You’ll see I’m slowly adding detail for the platform, I’ll be working on lots of props and making the station practical like you’ve advised, thanks for watching.

Since I’m away from my desktop I can’t render any new scenes until I get back but I’m working hard on modeling and texturing. Most the unwraps I have done are very crude so we’ll see how it looks when I get back to rendering. The scene is now over 1 100 000 vertices but I’m fairly confident I can still work with it. Does anyone know how high I can go until Blender starts crashing? (I don’t want to find out myself!)

nice work so far :slight_smile: will be following…
blender will start chrashing whenever you run out of ram… so it depends on the amount of ram you have and also on what operating system you are running it…

I’m using a mac and have tons of ram but Blender begins to slow down around 1 gig of ram and refuses to use more. Is there a way I can force Blender to use more ram or is this just the limit of what Blender can handle?

Update! I found as awesome blog post titled “Abandoned Subway Stations Around the World”, which is really inspiring (not to mention convenient).

Link Here:

The most prominant image was this one:

If I could achieve a fraction of the detail and atmosphere of this photo I would consider my project a success. I’ll continue to chug out props throughout tomorrow if I have time and I can’t wait to get back to my desktop and start some renders. Todays work (not very much).

Once you have your environment completey modeled, don’t forget that you can duplicate your file and join all the background objects as one, then bake it and use it to affect a lower poly version as a stand in to take shadow, like a 3d matte painting. Your final scene render doesn’t necessarily have to be calculating all the polygons for every detail, and to some extent you can do some serious painting to get the textures in layers on the simplified stand in to look as good as the photo reference you give here.

Cool bin and chair, just add one more rung or whatever ya call it to the back of the chair :smiley:

Really good looking…break up the symmetry a bit to make it look less CG.