Dedalo SSS: What the Hell am I looking at?

Yeah, so I downloaded the new SSS thingy from dedalo:

And don’t really now what the heck I am looking at or for. I see a shell and I render it, okay slight effect, but nothing like on the website. Is anyone else confused, or could some tell me what the heck I am supposed to do with the file?

Ahem, the method is explained on that page you mentioned. Take a look at the material of the shell (it’s using a toon shader) and the light.

Is makehuman supposed to work as a plugin or script within Blender and does it have its own armature within the character?

The ‘old’ version was a script in blender, but I think the ‘new’ (current, un-released) one is standalone. The ‘old’ one did have an armature set up to control the mesh you generated, but I’m not sure how well that functioned.


Just remember that MakeHuman uses Pixie to render, unless you are aware of it already.

either post this in the threads about sss,… or ask this in the support area.