Dedicated team looking for 3D modelers

Hello and welcome to the official Recruitment post for the stand alone game of Island Troll Tribes! You must be 18+ to join our team. No exceptions.

Team Structure

We will all be working together closely to relay relevant information and work together to build the game. I am local to San Diego so if you are in the area we can meet up in person. We use Hipchat and SVN/git to share project files.

Currently there are 6 of us. We have 3 programers, and 2 2D design artists, and myself the game designer.

We currently have a solid, dedicated, team of programers and 2D artists. We are currently seeking 3D character modelers as well as a UI designer. All of us are extremely dedicated to this project and have been working together for over a year. that being said, we are extremely laid back and if you can only commit a few hours a week that is perfectly fine as long as you do not give false promises. We all have jobs and/or school and a life outside of ITT.

Talent Needed

2D Artist - draw concept and UI, HUD, title graphics and other digital art.

3D modeler - Take concept art and make it into a usable in-game models. Models will be 6K+ Tris and similar style as League of Legends and DOTA. the camera angle will be a 30 degree “Isometric” top down view.

Level Designer - To make the map and to take the models created and put them into the game vie the Unity game engine. Experience with Unity and the RTP Plugin a plus but not necessary.

UI designer: To create and build the UI for title menu and in game HUD. You will work need to be able to create borders, frames, UI elements, and icons.

If you think you can contribute in any way not listed please feel free to add me as well!

Compensation Plan

The goal of this project is to build a working prototype to put on crowd funding websites in order to fund a full game development. Once funding is secured, you will be compensated for all time and effort spent, as well as future payment based on the amount of work you have contributed. We are currently on schedule to have a working, playable, Alpha version by January first of 2016.


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Unity 3D

Little bit about me and the game:

Virtual Patent pending via United States Patent and Trademark Office

I have been playing video games my entire life and I have always wanted to peruse a career in video games. I am 25 years-old and passionate about gaming. I recently got out of the military and moved to San Diego, CA to be able to get closer to the industry. Before we open our studio, I want to have one release under my belt to gain financial support as well as a good reputation as a company. It will also give us the opportunity to build a strong working team.

A little bit about the game: It is a remake of an old Warcraft3 map that had 1 to 4 teams of 1 to 4 players, depending on the map and play style. When the game starts, each player will need to choose one of the 18 different characters to control for the rest of the game. Every single character has pros and cons. Whether one has more health or the other one has less, each of them will have special abilities bound to their class. The players will have to pick a good team composition to best the enemy team.

Game play is similar to League of Legends, however, the map is a wilderness setting and not built with “lanes”. Players must eliminate the enemy team while also focusing on their own survival by gathering materials to survive. Your character must eat, sleep and stay warm and in order to do so, all the players within the team must build a variety of buildings. You must also craft items and hunt animals for food to be able to eventually defeat the other tribes.
To Apply

Contact Method

Phone: (937) 207-9083
Email: [email protected]
Skype: Islandtrolltribes