deeempas' sketchbook

Sketchbook, guess it’s called so - a folder where you put up all stuff which doesn’t deserve its own thread. Here’s mine!

Start off with a speedmodel done in half an hour.

And after some modifications it looked like this - an, kind of, avatar.

More is coming soon, keep your eyes open. If you want to see some more trash, catch you later!

Why is this in tests?

Well… after such tests, I expect real sweet stuff to come! :spin:

I like that dog-tongue-concept… :cool:


Wasn’t sure where to this “sketchbook”-thing, saw someone else who got it under this Test. Therefore. Hope it isn’t a problem, any suggestions where I should be placed would be awesome;)

Thanks! I’ll do my best, something new will show up today, but at the moment it’s just a WIP in my mind.

Here’s todays effort, did it in a few hours nighttime, couldn’t sleep. It’s an female alien with a built-in gun. The rig is fake, just moved polygons, was a pain, next time I do a simple rig and pose it that way, sooo much faster, at least if you want to to more then one pose. Tell me what you think of her!

PS! I know the golve is ugly.:eek: