Deep deep Fish

(paradox) #1

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As I mentioned in my glass thingie post now something organic. This is actually a joint project. I wanted to do one of those fish that live deep down in the ocean, you know the ones with lots of teeth and glowing parts. When I showed my son (Darkelfv) the black and white drawings he wanted to model one. So he did the model I did the rest texturing lighting ect. Also of note although there really is a fish like this I took some artistic libertys on texture and scenery as all I had was a black and white drawing of the fish, so I used my imagination on what he looked like other than shape. So it is a kind of fantasy scene based on a real fish. Hope you enjoy my fishy.

(pofo) #2

Nice :slight_smile:
I like the model alot (there’s something about the teeth though, don’t know what it is)
The scale texture makes it look a little like it was scanned from a too small printed picture. And the background doesn’t give the impression of great depth that I would associate with the fish.

Overall it’s pretty good though :slight_smile:

(djfuego) #3

If it really is deep then there wouldn’t be that much light.

(paradox) #4

Thanks pofo for the comments. The scale texture is a combination of the scale plug-in and a bump map along with a few other textures. I’m still learning on texturing and hopefully my future projects will be better as far as texturing goes. On the background I tried several and this is the one that I liked the best although I agree it is not perfect. Actually the area where this fish would exist would be quite dark but to show it I added the illusion of light perhaps from a bathisphere or submarine.
But thanks for the postive comments and the suggestions. Oh and the little bubbles plankton whatever was done with a particle emiter.
Paradox PS credit for the model goes to my son Darkelfv

(paradox) #5

djfuego, true see my comment above.

(EnV) #6

What is the scale plugin?
Nice fish! May be the scales are a little too much regular…


(sten) #7

awsome work…

hey, watch the “Blue Planet” from BBC, it has lots of this stuff,
the series started out this sunday (Yesterday) at our Television,
love it !!


(paradox) #8

Thanks for the comments. Env the scale plug-in is a texture plug-in I believe you can find it here (thanks Stonzy)
It is a little regular which I tried to fix with a bump map, but since I learned so much since I started this project I will probablly paint my own image map bump map next time to allow a more varied scale. I also learned some stuff from your tutorials too env that will show up in future projects as I get better with texturing.
And Stonzy thanks for the comments I’ll try to catch that show here sometime. I will be doing more of these deep fishes later after I finish a couple more projects.