deep drawing, carving, shrinkwrap


I’m trying to model a pocket watch. I would like to model a form, and deep draw it into the cover.
For exemple this picture:

It’s “easy” to model the lion and the geometrical shape. Then I would like to deform the cover with the modeled object.

I looked into the shrinkwrap modifier with the projection option, but it gives strange results, even though i subdivide my surface before.

Is there an option or a modifier I could use to get better results ?



Bake the lion to a displacement map that you could use with a displacement modifier. Using this and subsurf modifier you can set it to have a high resolution mesh only at render time so you don’t slow down your viewport.


Thanks for your answer. I know these kind of techniques.

But I think you miss the “deep drawing effect”, with all these smooth contour where the metal has been stretched.

Have you considered using lattice do deform object? It’s quite obvious that there’s no way using just displacement and this image as a texture get it spherical.
Out of curiosity and since i’ve never had reason to try out Bsurfaces i did a bit of this. After joining meshes, lattice does quite nicely imo.

Firstly, this looks very nice! How did you do to get such a clean mesh ? Bmesh ?

I don’t exactly understand how you did it. First you model the lion and stuff, then merge it on a planar disc and then deform the whole with a lattice ? When does you use Bmesh ? Can you get the soft transition between the lion and the disc ?